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Walking Trek

Another month rolls by.
In this update there are more new routines.

Still haven't missed a day walking. Worked out that at 3.5 km each morning that I have walked over 300km. Still wearing the beanie and fingerless gloves but soon they will need to make way for the baseball cap and shorts.

I am enjoying the unspoken acknowledgement and a wave from the other "regulars" on my trek. Who knows maybe I will introduce myself and be able to greet them by name. Not sure of the protocols, but it feels like I should at least know who my walking comrades are.  I suspect that at least one other bloke may have Parkinson's actually.

Often see a variety of dog walkers out and about with a variety of breeds. Not sure how the Huskies are going to feel as the heat starts to arrive as we exit winter and head to the other season. Have seen a couple of Kangaroos out in the lane way and on Sumners Road and a flock of Cockatoos regularly roosting on the trek.  

My regime of dopamine tablets three times a day at 6 am - 12 pm  - 6 pm seems to be doing the trick ok at this stage and happy to report that am well on top of the schedule. 


Informing the Masses.
Continuing the process of informing those who needed to know. Picking the right time to chat individually. A couple of close kiwi friends who I have let know had "noticed"  something was not quite right when I was last over there. Having seen me after a time gap it was something that they couldn't put a finger on at the time, but signs were there that all was not usual. 


Still on the lookout for information and have watched a number of sessions  and webinars run by Parkinson's Queensland. Some good and interesting topics - keep up the information flow.

Some news links and interesting articles now on the resources page. May even put a subsection in the resources page of interesting folk who have / have had Parkinson's


Joining in with others.
A couple of updates this month regarding joining with others having joined a members only FB group organised by the Parkinson's Queensland Inc. Good to have some direct contact in a closed group and am happy to contribute where i can.

Also was approached to be interviewed about my Parkinson's story (so far). Happily and willingly was questioned and recorded on video with the result to be made available to the masses. Will link here when published. If it helps one person deal with their diagnosis in a positive way, then that's worth doing I reckon.   


So two sessions of Pilates under my belt and so far seems to be all good. I am sure I will get the hang of the specific exercises and the which spring settings i am supposed to adjust on the machine. Seems to be good and I am sure that over time it will be good for core strength and therefore assist with balance as well.

Justine the physio is very helpful in guiding me through the program. Will settle in to the routine I am sure. Who knows I might even get the rowing machine back in action soon.


Social Day Out.
Went on a nice pub crawl with some of the 4101 crew - well technically a road trip - to the Beenleigh Rum Distillery at which we did a tour and tasting session, then off to Black Hops Brewery where I had a very smooth Ginger Cider and a Mega Hornet Beer (11% or so) . Back in The van for a drive to Ballistic at Salisbury, then finished up at the Monty for a smashing end to proceedings. Altogether a great day out, and somewhat normal social distance measures aside. More of these "go local" trips in the pipeline so watch this space.  


Still so far so good.
Like last month everything is ticking along and am doing fine. Getting my schedule of what happens when on auto pilot. Work is going smoothly with new projects etc and I am reengaging in external groups such as the Joomla Australia committee which I had put on pause a little while I work through my logistics

And that is all for just now - keep a lookout for the next post.