the unsteady hand - more steady now
the unsteady hand - more steady now

A Full Steam ahead life.
This month I have a number of work and personal activities planned...

Back to work and catching up after a short but great visit to NZ, with a few bumps in the return journey due to fog etc, but at least I got there and back before the bubble was paused. So nice to catch up with the whanau.

We have had a bit of Covid-19 drama with my step daughter working at the Coles when a potential infector passed through. I am super impressed by her positive attitude at being asked to isolate at home, and is diligently following the rule, keeping separated and entertaining herself in her room with  movies and now painting. I am also impressed with the Coles support of their team members who find themselves in the middle of this situation. They are being good corporate citizens. And we even had a random call in by QLD police to make sure that she was abiding by the rules. I thanked them for their work, I am sure they don't hear that much positive feedback, but they are just doing the best that they can to get us all through this situation. 

Am heading back to Toowoomba tomorrow and the next day for work. Not a bad drive, and getting the hang of the systems that I need to be supporting.


Was without my cheer leader for a few days around the 14th  as she headed north to help sort out a few things with her folks house as they have migrated to an aged care facility. Was a bit lonley rattling around on my own, I do miss her when she is away from me.  

Also got my second AZ vax. No Side effects at all.


We have started a snap lockdown, just when we had a planned small gathering at home. Ah well, we had plenty of food and drink, and a large cake to munch through. Hopeful that this will be a short stay-at-home and we can get back to regular work patterns sooner rather than later, but I fear that this time we may not be so lucky.


More help with Parkinson's awareness and advocacy.
Another YOPD zoom meeting coming up this Tuesday so will need to drum up a couple of questions to ask the speaker who is from NDIS. It will be interesting to hear more about this mysterious thing.

Participated in the monthly CCIG meeting and contributed a couple of ideas. Its interesting to get perspectives of others who are in this group.  



Now over 400 days in a row without missing a daily walk. I am more rugged up this year as I seem to feel the cold more than ever 

No Change to the schedule or positive impact.

Still working to make the research links page a bit more useful, it was a simple list to start with but expanding to make better use of the info in it.

Pilates on Wednesday... amazing how I can form a positive habit so quickly. Still going and still enjoying. Some new tricks and exercises to do every week. My physio Justine keep threatening new exercises - as I master some of the existing and improvements I am ready for more. I think.

Latest news is that my physio who runs the weekly session is moving on. I have gotten very accustomed to her and she tweaks my to do items as she see improvements. I am sure that the replacement will be equally as capable, but I definitely appreciate her care and attention, especially in the initial stages where I was getting to grips with what I had to do and why. Big shout out to Justine from her "quiet achiever", all the best for your future.  

PFU Boxing.
On Wednesdays I do non contact boxing at the PCYC Laing Park 11:30 - 12:30. I have missed a couple of weeks due to NZ visit and then snap lockdown. Looking forward to having a session this week again. 

Social Outings.
Some upcoming events in the pipeline, and some great events past.

Sunday 11th I headed off to the German club with some of the 4101 friends, managed to munch my way through a full plate of 4 types of german sausage and a couple of beers before heading back to do some work at the office.

Always look forward to "Early Friday" / "Thirsty Thursday" beers with Neil, Don and Greg  plus a few other random friends. This month there has been a few missed days due to snap lockdowns. Will see how things go in the coming weeks.

Head down and focus on delivery. Catch up is the order of the day.

Land Sailing.
Waiting for each Sunday to see what's happening at the track.... and have had a few other events happening.

Otherwise for me its still so far so good.
Same Same. 

And that is all for just now - keep a lookout for the next post and thanks for tagging along!