Riverwalk is hard to beat
Riverwalk is hard to beat

Another lockdown for Brisbane.
This month we are back in lockdown affecting number of work and personal activities planned...

Back in lockdown. Unfortunately the South East corner of Queensland is back in stay at home restrictions with the number of Delta cases pushing past single figures and seeming to be on the rise.

And again we have had a bit of Covid-19 drama with my step daughter working at the Coles when a potential infector passed through. Much more difficult for her to keep positive this time as it has impacted on her university placement at the PA hospital. All of us are back working from home, doing the right thing and staying safe. We are all fully vaccinated so that is good to know. 


My partner and number one cheer leader is 50 today. Quiet celebration at home due to lockdown not lifting. Turns out there is a case in Cairns so we are aborting our planned few days there later in the week. Ah well.... I have also been caught out by not being in a position to collect her birthday gift for the actual day. I am sure all will be forgiven when she gets it tomorrow.


Back to office.... so much more productive without the random distractions and thousands of cups of tea.


My step daughter is still in self isolation for the next few days - she is doing amazingly well as she is definitely a social person and misses catching up with her boyfriend and mates. I applaud her for doing the right thing, as hard as it is. Painting, netflix and jigsaws have helped.


We have had an early easing of some of the restrictions such as mask wearing and number of guests etc as a result of almost no cases of Covid-19 in Queensland. It was especially good to have this lifting as the rescheduled surpirse birthday lunch was held for Glenda, my number one cheer leader. Her boss Toni arranged for a hair and makeup before she was delivered to St Lucia to have lunch with a number of her close friends  and workmates which she was so surprised about actually. It was a great afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially the birthday girl. 

She is now getting ready for another day being treated to a day out with two of her best friends and work colleagues - Toni and Helene. Will be interesting to see how she shapes up by Sunday morning when I meet them for breakfast.

As we will be heading to the coast I have made contact with the blokart seller to finally arrange to sort out the sails - they accidently gave me two of the wrong struts for sails which was an issue for them, rather than me!

It was a fantastic couple of days with some beautiful weather, lovely walks on the beach, some great food at Rick Shores at Burleigh and I got to spend some lovely one on one time with my Glenda.


Day 452 since diagnosis and day 450 of consecutive daily walking. I also had an appointment with Prof Peter Silburn who was happy with the current regime and things seem to be well under control. See him again in six months for hopefully same again.


Its Friday and I am having trouble focusing on productive work this morning so I might spend the afternoon updating this site to Joomla! 4 and see what falls out along the way.



More help with Parkinson's awareness and advocacy.
YOPD zoom meetings are continuing but need to drum up a few more numbers for the next one. I have a few ideas to get attendees as its a little disappointing to have only a few folk involved each time when we have a quality speaker involved who willingly gives up some of their own time for our little group. This months speaker is chatting about relationships and intimacy.

Missed the monthly CCIG meeting. Got caught on a support matter. Will be doing some "extra curricular" review work for the group instead  


Now over 450 days in a row without missing a daily walk. Its beginning to warm up in the mornings so am switching back to cap from beanie this month

No Change to the schedule or positive impact.

Am scheduled to visit Peter Silburn again this month, should be "steady as she goes" i think - so to speak.

Still working to make the research links page a bit more useful, it was a simple list to start with but expanding to make better use of the info in it.

Pilates on no longer on Wednesdays.  I am still working out the best alternate time table - most likely on for a Saturday morning, but on hold due to covid lockdown at this stage anyway.  

PFU Boxing.
On Wednesdays I do non contact boxing at the PCYC Laing Park 11:30 - 12:30. I have missed a couple of weeks due to NZ visit and then snap lockdown. Due to restrictions on community sport, the boxing is off for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to having a session again soon hopefully this week. 

Social Outings.
Some upcoming events in the pipeline, but all subject to lockdown conditions.

We were supposed to be travelling to Cairns for a few days to celebrate my partners birthday, with her sisters and their partners but due to Covid-19 outbreak that was cancelled.

We are going on a picnic day out in September to St Helens Island in the Morton bay and have a Siromet Winery day out in the pipeline too thanks to my partners son and daughter.

Early discussions of a weekend trip to Bundaberg, but that will be post kitchen renovations.

All events are subject to change at the moment and unfortunately its a case of roll with the punches and be flexible. I basically plan work to continue and will deal with holiday activities as they actually happen.


Head down and focus on delivery. Catch up is the order of the day. Many new projects in the pipeline and continuing to cleanup existing projects. Work in Toowoomba ongoing, but all of this remotely. I have had a steady stream of prospects so looking solid for the next few months.

Land Sailing.
Waiting for each Sunday to see what's happening at the track.... and have had a few other events happening.  Lockdown conditions mean no sailing. bah...

Otherwise for me its still so far so good.
Same Same. 

And that is all for just now - keep a lookout for the next post and thanks for tagging along!