Parkinson's Queensland Inc website
Parkinson's Queensland Inc website


For those who aren't aware  there are a number of Parkinson's Disease support and advocacy organisations throughout Australia and the local one for me is Parkinson's Queensland.

They are a great team dedicated to improving awareness, providing support, being catalysts for fund raising, and key to information sharing to the broader community and Parkinson's family alike.

If you are not yet a member of one of the local equivalents then please make an effort to do so. It is vital that the magnitude of the affected people throughout the community are well known and by signing up to one of the orgnisations helps to be able to present our case for improved services and funding of programs to the various levels of government. Numbers are vital in these discussions. Votes count.

The local Queensland organisation can be contacted via the web site  here  Parkinson's Queensland Inc  or by phone on 1800 644 189 or (07) 3209 1588

There are great weekly updates via you tube and lots of communications. I strongly encourage you to get on board.



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